The 1545

July 14th - 17th at

3 days
6 teams
13 games
50 runners
  • Feb 01 Event announced
  • Feb 03 Signups open
  • Mar 01 Signups close
  • Mar 19 Teams released
  • Jul 10 Schedules posted
  • Jul 14 Race begins
  • Jul 17 Race ends
  • Jul 18 Results posted

The 1545 is a massive speedrunning relay race where teams of runners will complete all of the games in the Super Mario 602, the Rareware 301%, and the Sprashfecta, all over the course of 3 days.

The 1545 is one of the largest single races in speedrunning to date, with an estimated 330 hours of gameplay time. For reference, a week-long marathon generally has about 150-160 hours of gameplay time.

Each of the 6 teams are expected to take just over 54 hours to complete the full-completion categories of all 13 games sequentially.

The 1545 will take place starting on July 14th at 9pm UTC at and will run through the 17th, until the last team has finished.